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   "Got my daughter through divorce."

Thank you for your Tranquilene. It has gotten my daughter through a divorce in the best way possible. She had about 4 bottles in 4–5 months. This tremendously helped her with her coping powers and best money spent for a person undergoing a life–changing situation. You can be sure that I will sing your praises forever. Again, many thanks!*
–Rebecca W., Wichita Falls, TX

   "Going great so far"

I only been using it for about 3 weeks and it works great! So happy I found you. Thank you*
–Cely K., Elk Grove, CA

   "Helped with a transition"

Thanks so much! The product was very helpful during a transition period.*
–Kelly P., Crawfordsville, IN

   "Got more effective over time!"

It's wonderful, It really works wonders. I feel it getting better over time... Im going to give it to my daughter now! *
–Elizabeth T., Forest Hills, NY

   "Helped my wife a lot"

I purchased for my wife and her results where amazing over the year she took it! It helped her 100%, she doesn't even need to use it anymore! *
–Oliver L., Katy, TX

   "Makes my mood brighter"

I love this product! When I take Tranquilene, it really helps balance me out and find an optimistic kind of outlook on my day. *
–Mary Glenn D., Wetumpka, AL

   "Great for stresses of college"

Im in college and this formula has worked so well for me! I'm calm and centered! *
–Kevin C., Springfield, MS

  "My daughter and I love Tranquilene"

I am so happy for you guys at Tranquility Labs! I love Tranquilene. Both me and my daughter have been monthly customers for over 6 months and it's helped us a lot.*
–Paul M., Nantucket, MA

  "Helpful, even for short term."

Your product and service as well are much appreciated. Even though I did not use the capsules only 2 months it helped me greatly. I am feeling much better. I would recommend.*
–Ibolya G., Hawthorne, NJ

  "I'll be back for more."

Thank you for creating a wonderful product! I'm sure I will be a repeat customer in the future, and I will continue to recommend Tranquilene. *
–Jamie Z., Oswego, NY

   "Feeling better already."

I have [been stressed] for so many years. I have tried harder meds, however, the side effects far outweigh the overall medicinal benefit. I received Tranquilene only yesterday and have taken only several pills. I feel calmer, more positive and much better. I did 5 hours of research online when I found Tranquilene, I placed the call immediately. Do yourself some good and try this product, it really works!*
–Susan B., Great Neck, NY

  "Works fast."

Whenever I feel the [nervousness] coming on, I take a few Tranquilenes and usually feel much better pretty quick. Good stuff!*
–Steve B. Eugene, OR

  "Works like a charm!"

Great product! I wish I knew about Tranquilene when I was in college stressing about exams all the time. I would have pulled out a lot less hair!*
–Bill K., Derby, CT

  "Put the worries in their place."

As a child custody attorney, I can get very wrapped up in my work and have a tendency to “take my cases home with me.Day in and day out I help dozens of kids get out of difficult and sometimes abusive situations. And boy do I worry for the little ones. The stresses of my job were impacting my family life because I couldn't relax and my husband said I was too distracted, always fidgeting. Then a friend turned me on to Tranquilene. It helped me find the balanced, calm mind I need to devote to my family at home.*
–Janice S. Charlotte, NC

  "Just awesome."

It all started one nice sunny day when I was 26. I was driving to the Mall to pick up my girlfriend from work then all of a sudden my arms got numb my mind started sticking, telling me I was dying. I stopped my truck crawled out and laid on the grass waiting on somebody to stop to save me. My heart pounding out of my chest, sweat was pouring out of me, my arms and jaw was locked down. Nobody stopped. Your product has done a lot for me. I never thought an herbal pill could work so well.*
–Phil D., Austin TX

  "All along it was just an imbalance."

I thought for years that something was wrong with my genes, or wrong with my mind or, well, wrong with ME. But when I started doing research about what makes people [so stressed] I suspected it may just be a chemical imbalance. Your product had the best combination of ingredients I could find and now, after just a few months of taking it, I realized I was right.*
– Stephani B, Salem OR

  "Great product!!"

I am sure you've heard this a zillion times, but thanks for creating a great product. I have a lot of stress but I didn't believe my therapist when she told me I actually had a disorder and had to go on meds. I had only felt so stressed for a few years so I figured it couldn't just be who I am. Anyways, my therapist said I should take supplements to build up GABA and Serotonin and I was SO surprised that those are exactly the things Tranquilene focuses on. Now I'm taking a break from therapy.*
– Lana J., Salt Lake City, UT

  "Helps me not worry about the little tihngs"

Growing up, i was always a little bit more skittish then others. I'm such a rule follower and if plans do not go according to the itinerary I would feel like everything is crashing down. I grew out of that as i was growing up but I started worrying about all kinds of little things. What meals would I eat this week, how much am I spending at Starbucks, is my house clean enough for the bf... I am always going to think about this stuff but I certainly don't need to be panicking about it. Tranquilene took all the stuff I worry about and made it just the stuff I think about. No racing heartbeat about it!*
– Pamela K, Kittery ME

  "My only regret is that i didn't find it sooner"

You don't know how many medications and supplements I tried before I found Tranquilene. For some strange reason it gives me balance and keeps me calm and collected.*
– Tanya R., Montana

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